NUVO – Jack Diamond

I got pretty stoked when I found out that the architect I was photographing, Jack Diamond, had designed “HUB Mall” in Edmonton. I spent years at an arcade there and then when I (finally) went to school at the University of Alberta, I ate there probably twice a day – white rice and teriyaki sauce, or this weird salad with crunchy bits in it that were mildly corrosive. There were a few bars in there too. Basically we never had to leave. So it was kind of cool to meet someone who I have inadvertently spent a whole lot of peripheral time with…

Anyhow, we shot at his house and it was fun. Following are a couple images from the spread in the recent issue of Nuvo Magazine – including an artist bio where I’m wearing a white t-shirt. Thanks to Aaron for making everything run smooth on shoot day.

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