Gymkata: Sohani, floor

This image is from a series I started working on about gymnastics. I grew up with the sport and even dabbled in coaching for a stint, but I put the sport to rest in my late teens as, let’s be honest here, I wasn’t very good at it. Photography has given my interest in gymnastics new life and it’s really fun to watch these young provincial and national-level athletes bounce around like gravity doesn’t exist.

I’m not really sure why the working title of this series is called gymkata, it doesn’t reference the movie at all (1985, starring Kurt Thomas), but it just kind of stuck after I said it out loud. If anyone has any suggestions, we could change the name to something a bit more aspirational…

Thanks to Charlene and all the athletes involved so far. Thanks to Aaron and Nick, and a big thank you to Lindsey for bringing this project together!

Gymkata (working title): Sohani, Floor, 2010

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