Photos My Dad Took: At Work

It was my father’s birthday this week; he would have been 75. I thought I’d like to show some pictures of him at work since he seemed to do a lot of the same stuff we do here in Canada nowadays: hauling gear, exposure tests, driving, walking, beards, and the CBC.

Eric Rankin – Vancouver, bin017, may 1974

Eric Rankin – bin017, august 1974

Eric Rankin – Peru with Alan, bin005, may 1971

Eric Rankin – bin017, june 1973

Eric Rankin – Edmonton, print, mid-1980’s

Photos My Dad Took is a weekly post highlighting work my father made over the course of 50 years. Most images are scans of 35mm transparencies & negatives, with a healthy dose of other formats thrown in from time to time.


  1. aileen

    Adam – lovely way to show off your Dad’s other talent!! See you have taken a leaf and have some great stuff of your own.
    I esp. like the one with the CBC wagon behined him – even though it was before my time with you – it is very familiar looking – now I just need to see a photo of the Green GMC van to make me feel complete!!
    Wishig you the best in your career Adam – and if u absolutely HAVE to come to Calgary for a good shot – please look us up

  2. maryann

    Hi Adam! What a great surprise to see these photos – I hooked into them from your Mom’s facebook spot…they bring back lots of wonderful memories as of course I first met your Dad in 1970 – and about that time he and your mom lived on the top floor, and Alan and I lived on the bottom floor in Vancouver of course – we were young then! It is wonderful that you are going through his photos and choosing some to show – do hope all is going well for you and with your photography – I hope to catch up with your mom sometime soon. The last time I heard she was in Turkey….Ken and Kim and their 3 kids are in Revelstoke again, and Andy is married and living in Lansing MI finishing his degree in political theory. I am fully retired and loving it. Cheers for now Adam…wishing you all the very best.
    Mary Ann

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