Peachman – Genesis


This is a short video that acts as a brief summary and introduction to the Peachman series that I have been working on for a few years. I’ve introduced a couple of symbols in this series, and perhaps a few raised eyebrows along the way. For one, we have the reference to American football, fully branded with obscure logos and a repeated numbering system. Then we have the brick-phone-come-paperweight object. Next up would be the monochrome-ish Palmolive-hand, fully loaded with a soothing Price-Is-Right presentation style.
The video sort of mashes all of these symbols together and lays out what a linear narrative of them might look like. I grew up, like many of my friends, with a constant infusion of American pop-culture, whether that was in magazines, on TV, or in music. I was also raised in a fairly media-aware environment – my dad started his career as an art-director in the advertising business, moving into sound and video, spending many years in broadcast-media. He always talked about the tenuous relationship between art & commerce coming himself from a background in fine-art, and I am reminded of that relationship quite regularly being in advertising as well. For me, the symbols and processes of advertising work quite well as metaphors to describe the way myself and many of my peers look at the world – whether I’m thinking on war, religion, power, or relationships to strangers, friends and family. All the pop-culture ephemera I loosely reference in the Peachman series seems, to me, to describe something quite basic and simple in a secret-language kind of way. Not sure if I can fully explain what the symbols represent quite yet, but I’m working on it!
As for the video, I couldn’t have done it with a lot of help from a lot of people; please click here to see the full list of players!

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